Dues and Expenses

Annual dues for Singer Members of the Society are $50, and are payable by October 1, or within two weeks of your acceptance, whichever comes later. Singer Member dues are an important part of our annual budget: they make up a modest percentage (6-8%) of the ongoing expenses of the Society and represent your direct financial support. In consideration of your annual dues, you will receive a Society membership card which serves as an admission pass for a spouse or friend for each season concert presented by the Society.

Singers are generally required to purchase music scores for the various concerts during the season. The typical cost of a score for a major choral work is in the range of $10 to $15. Music must be paid for at the time it is received. Black music covers or folders are normally required for performance and must be provided by the singer.

Chorus members provide their own performance attire: Women wear a solid black, floor-length long-sleeved dress or a similar skirt/blouse combination with pearls and black dress close toed shoes. For the Pops concerts, the women wear bright jewel colored long sleeve blouses (plain), long black skirts, black dress close toed shoes, and pearls. Men wear black tuxedo or black suit, white shirt, black bow tie, and black dress shoes.